Tubb-Fields Duo



“A high class concert...a veritable gem,  to have had the opportunity to hear the extraordinary voice of Evelyn Tubb.  She is a magnificent interpreter...the audience wondered at her marvellous capacity of varying the voice to give her performance an element of passion and theatricality that frequently touched the highest peaks of art.  Fields’ lute playing accompanied the voice with a precision and harmony rarely found between singer and accompanist.”L’Arena, Verona

“Not only does she reveal a mastery of style and technical skill, creating a remarkable richness of  vocal colours  (including sparkling pianissimo confidences to the delicate tones of the lute),  but she  is also a vibrant interpreter  with a highly developed sense of the nuances of the text.  She showed a natural talent for the theatrical which one rarely meets with concert singers”.         

Politiken, Copenhagen

“Evelyn Tubb is a singing actress with a graceful presence, alert eyes, distinct and communicative words, pure pitch, a timbre that could swell and sparkle without losing steadiness, definite notes and fluent divisions, bold graces and adornments that rang out freely.” Opera Magazine

“Evelyn Tubb must be one of the few truly outstanding sopranos of her generation.  Her recitals are worth travelling the length of the country to hear.”Yorkshire Post

“…what followed was the highlight of the evening, perhaps of the year.  Evelyn Tubb’s achingly beautiful As I lay on Yoolis Night was not just moving - it was devastating.  Singing unaccompanied, and from memory, moving gracefully, almost dancing about the space, Tubb carried us away.  To bring this power to music is not a matter of technique alone - though to be sure, Miss Tubb has that in full measure - only by giving something precious of oneself can a performer so move the audience to tears.  Commitment of this order is rare and priceless.”The Courier Tunbridge Wells

“Miss Tubb’s singing is breathtaking.  Evelyn’s ability to colour words is phenomenal, as is her range of pitch and dynamics and her command of ornamentation; the more demanding the passage, the more miraculous her delivery of it.”                      Jill Spencer: Early Music Review


Sample Songs from Programmes

The Voice of the Night            Once I had a Sweetheart            The Troubadour & Nun





O Virisdissima Virga                        

Hildegard of Bingen                             


EVELYN TUBB has been hailed by critics as “one of the few truly outstanding sopranos of her generation”, and is widely admired for her innovative and adventurous performances.  Since meeting as students, Evelyn and Michael have enjoyed a fruitful partnership exploring music from folk-song to their own compositions.  Their communication with each other, the music and the audience has found followers from Japan and Australia to Europe, with critics praising “the absolute affinity between voice and instrument” achieved by the duo.